Limited Access Policy Statement

Bosebuck Mountain Camps is located amidst a 250,000 acre wilderness. A major portion of this area is gated by the landowner, prohibiting access by the general public but permitting access by our Guests on a limited/restricted basis.

The area of the Upper Magalloway river is crisscrossed with a complex network of active logging roads. Out of our genuine concern for guest safety, new visitors to Bosebuck are stronglyadvised to secure the services of a Licensed Maine Guide for, at a minimum, the first day of their trip into the Upper River area. The policy north of the gates is “catch and release”

We will limit the number of guests above the gates to no more than 12 per day in order to maintain the “exclusivity” of these remote areas and provide a quality experience for all our guests.  Reservations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis but not confirmed until a 50% non-refundable, per person deposit is paid. Keys to the gates must be returned no later than the 11AM checkout on the day of departure.

Once the 12 slots are filled for a particular day, all future reservation inquiries will be advised that access above the gates has been filled allowing them the opportunity to book alternate dates if they wish to fish the upper Magalloway. As always, the Big and Little Magalloway Rivers below Parmachenee Lake, as well as Aziscohos Lake and the Lower River, are all readily accessible. In these areas, professional guides services are also available if needed.